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Welcoming Daniel Stadtmauer to the KLI

Stadtmauer’s project “The Developmental Evolutionary Basis of Tissue Type” aims to develop a theory for the developmental-evolutionary concept of "tissue type".


KLI in the World: a digest of conference travels last fall and winter

Members of the KLI family have been connecting with academics around the world though conferences and workshops. Here is a glimpse. (Click in title to read more)


New book: Evolution „On Purpose”: Teleonomy in Living Systems

The new addition to the Vienna Series in Theoretical Biology from the MIT Press is a unique exploration of teleonomy- "evolved purposiveness"- as a major influence in evolution.


The mathematics of Leonardo da Vinci's anatomical drawings

In "Revisiting Leonardo on Muscles: Intimations of Mathematical Biology and Biomechanics," Michael Kemp explores da Vinci's remarkable anatomical drawings.


Complexity literacy for sustainable digital transformation

A new book chapter co-authored by Guido Caniglia argues for systems thinking, complexity literacy and transdisciplinary methodology for sustainability education.


New book: Evolvability: A Unifying Concept in Evolutionary Biology?

The latest addition to the Vienna Series in Theoretical Biology from the MIT Press.


Reading group: third meeting of the Vienna Science Studies Lab

The Vienna Science Studies Lab recently held its third meeting at the KLI, discussing Max Liboiron's "Pollution is Colonialism".


Navigating collaboration: Introducing PLUS change

We are excited to announce our participation in PLUS Change, an international project aiming to transform land management strategies for social, climate, and biodiversity benefits.


Biological Theory’s June issue is out

From Miocene mutualisms to suggestions for future evolutionary research, the editors summarize June’s issue 18(2), with links to free epdfs.


New paper: How hypotheses evolved into facts - through mis-citation

New paper by Hari Sridhar and Priti Bangal revisits the ‘nuclear species’ concept, finding frequent mis-citations of core ideas.


The Conceptual Foundations of Evolution and Development

Benedikt HALLGRIMSSON (University of Calgary), 2023-06-22 15:00 (CET). To join our colloquium please register with Zoom


The Evolution of ‘Universal’ Human Mating Strategies: A Critique

Gillian BROWN (University of St. Andrews), 2023-06-15 15:00 (CET). To join our colloquium please register with Zoom


Welcoming Kevin Lala to the KLI

Lala's stay at the KLI is a joint visiting fellowship with Gillian Brown to work on their project 'Promoting a Progressive Vision of Evolutionary Science'.


Welcoming Gillian Brown to the KLI

Brown's stay at the KLI is a joint visiting fellowship with Kevin Lala to work on their project 'Promoting a Progressive Vision of Evolutionary Science'.


New Paper: Social distancing during Covid-19 lockdown and connectedness

Laura Menatti and Mariagrazia Ranzini 's new paper explores the effects of Covid lockdowns on relationships and connectedness, with important implications for future health policy.


New paper: Queer theory for transdisciplinary sustainability research

New paper by Caniglia and Vogel outlines how queer theory can help transdisciplinary sustainability researchers to embrace transgressive orientations.


ROTO Lecture: Laura Menatti on Salutogenic Environments

Laura Menatti has been invited to give a talk for the ROTO lecture series, evaluating on the concept of salutogenic environments for medicine and healthcare.


Conference Report: Transdisciplinary Stakeholder Conference on Resilient Livable Communities

Marina Knickel participated as a scientific expert in the Transdisciplinary Stakeholder Conference on Resilient Livable Communities. In the municipality of Langau, practitioners and scientists came together to discuss complex challenges for the community.


Vernissage: Measuring Life at the Threshold of Unknowing

Kendall Baker was artist in residence at the KLI. His interdisciplinary art-science project “Measuring Life at the Threshold of Unknowing” concluded with a stunning vernissage.


Third meeting of the KLI working group: Evolutionary theory for social-ecological change

The final meeting of the working group at the KLI, documented in pictures by Raf Jansen.