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copyright: Anne Le Maître
New paper co-authored by KLI fellow Nicole Grunstra unravels an evolutionary puzzle of the mammalian ear

KLI postdoc fellow Nicole Grunstra is part of a research team behind an exciting new evolvability hypothesis on the evolution of the mammalian ear. How can an intricately complex and interlocked structure evolve such amazing functional diversity in mammals? Read the University of Vienna press releases (English, German) of the new paper in Evolutionary Biology, co-authored by Anne Le Maître, Nicole Grunstra, Cathrin Pfaff, and Philipp Mitteroecker.


Le Maître, A., Grunstra, N.D.S., Pfaff, C., Mitteroecker P.
Evolution of the Mammalian Ear: An Evolvability Hypothesis.
Evol Biol (2020).