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Welcoming Franziska Reinhard to the KLI

We warmly welcome our new Writing-up Fellow Franziska Reinhard to the KLI!

Franziska Reinhard is currently a PhD researcher at the Institute of Philosophy, University of Vienna. Her PhD project studies practices from origins-of-life research from a philosophy of science perspective, combining aspects of general philosophy science, philosophy of biology, and philosophy of the historical sciences. Franziska has completed a BA in Chemistry and Philosophy at the Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany, and an MA in Logic and Philosophy of Science at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich, Germany.

At the KLI, Franziska’s project “Re-construction or Re-invention? Experimental Strategies in Origins-of-Life Research focuses on the epistemic value of experimental strategies commonly used in prebiotic chemistry – a subfield of origins-of-life research. According to Franziska, “researchers in prebiotic chemistry focus on synthesizing, rather than analyzing, of relevant biomolecules in the laboratory under conditions that are consistent with our knowledge of the early Earth environment”, and her project “characterizes synthesis as a key experimental strategy for studying difficult-to-access target phenomena and gives an account of its epistemic value.”

Franziska will be a Writing-up Fellow at the KLI from 1st April to 30th September 2024.

Here’s wishing Franziska a happy and productive time at the KLI!