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Lumila Menendez

Lumila Menéndez is a bioanthropologist, with a BA in Anthropology, and a Ph.D. in Natural Sciences, both from the University of La Plata (Argentina). During her PhD she contributed to discuss the strong impact of ecological factors on shaping the skull of South American populations. She was a post-doctoral fellow at University of Tübingen (Germany), where she performed a virtual reconstruction of a skull that belonged to one of the earliest Andean populations living at high elevations. Now, as a postdoctoral fellow at the KLI, she is working on the differential impact of diet on the human skull and mandible across time. She investigates this by applying geometric morphometrics, multivariate statistics, and virtual anthropology methods. Her main research interests are evolutionary biology, human evolution, anatomical variation, and the peopling and concomitant morphological diversification of the Americas.



Movie: Ten Thousand Years of Cranial Evolution in South America