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Homeostasis and Regulation in a Systems Biology Conceptual Framework

Eva Fernandez-Labandera, 2017 - 2018, Junior Fellow

This work is an attempt to redefine the notion of homeostasis, from a philosophical

perspective, in order to make it useful for the ongoing investigations about organisms and

systems in the fields of biology, physiology, immunology, philosophy, among others. In the

first part I run a historical and philosophical analysis of the term, From Claude Bernard to

Systems Biology; and in the second part I’ll expose my own definition of homeostasis and

some of the implications it might have in the actual debates about organism, on one hand, and

on the definitions of health and disease, in the other. My hypothesis aims at demonstrating how

compulsory it is such a redefinition, and try to offer an alternative one, which might be useful

both from a theoretical and from a practical perspective.